FLR Workshops


Our FLR LIVE Workshops are a brief version of our intensive FLR Coaching Programs. The FLR LIVE Workshops are held 4 times a year. Each workshop lasts 1 hour and teaches a specific topic via web conference call.

The Publisher of Conquer Him hosts these LIVE Workshops and presents detailed instructions and guidance for a specific FLR-Related topic along with a Q&A session with all attendants. No questions are off limits. Every concern is important.

These workshops are PRIVATE. Access is restricted to registered participants and your privacy is respected and protected.

To participate, attendants will need internet access, access to speakers, a microphone to ask questions as well as the ability to view the visual presentation.

Check out the upcoming topics and dates below to reserve your space.

All Workshops are held at 9 pm Eastern.


                        Women’s WorkshopWednesday, July 20th                           Men’s Workshop- Thursday,  July 21st

How To Prepare For a FLR - For Women
Presentation- 5 Ways To Prepare For a FLR
LIVE Q&A Session With The Publisher
How To Introduce Your Wife to an FLR- For Men
Presentation- 5 Ways To Introduce Your Wife to a FLR
LIVE Q&A Session With The Publisher