FLR Leadership Coaching For Women

Female Led Relationship Training Group For Women 

NEXT CLASS: June 3, 2017

This interactive 4-week course will introduce you to the most amazing Goddesses who want to guide you in your quest for a fulfilling Female Led Relationship.


Would you like to change your destiny by learning how to become a Goddess in Female Led Relationship?

Are you ready to learn how to command respect from men?

Do you want to meet someone who will treat you like a Princess?

Has your husband requested a Female Led Relationship and you have no idea how to get started?

Do you have questions about structuring a Female Led Relationship and can not find the answers from reading books and websites?

Do you want to meet others who are engaging in Female Led Relationships just like you?



You Will Learn:

❤ How to allow your partner to give you your dream life
❤ How to structure your Female Led Relationship
❤ How to become a better leader
❤ How to set standards for ALL of your relationships
❤ How to design your role in your Female Led Relationship
❤ What power exchange means in a Female Led Relationship
❤ How to understand your dominance style
❤ How to become more confident
❤ How to stop being so nice all of the time
❤ How to use your sexuality to motivate men

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Join Us For: 

  • Personal Coaching/Correction
  • Private Facebook Group Membership
  • Access to the Conquer Him Training Academy
  • 4 Weekly Conference Calls (Every Saturday morning at 9am Eastern)
  • Female Led Relationship Concepts & Daily Discussions
  • FLR Contract Structure & Guidance
  • Intimate discussions about sex, romance and fulfillment
  • One on One Private Coaching Sessions
  • Interaction With Other Women Creating FLRs

It is time to stop wasting your time surfing the internet, hoping for an easy fix. You won’t find an answer on any webpage. You can only be offered the answers you seek by real Goddesses and couples who are experienced in Female Led Relationships. Invest in your future.  Get started on the life you want right now.

  • This 4 Week coaching program offers lectures, discussions, writing assignments and support for WOMEN in Female Led Relationships.
  • This course challenges your beliefs and offers unique wisdom to let go of the hangups that are standing in the way of your confidence and boldness.
  • When you attend the live classes on Saturdays you will participate in a highly valuable question and answer session with the instructor who will offer personalized insight into your relationship or lifestyle issues.
  • If you can not attend one of the live classes, there is an option to reschedule your personal feedback privately so that you can catch up.
  • Both single Goddesses and married women are invited to attend.







Course Fee Includes Access to the Conquer Him Academy (our virtual training classroom) for 3 months!  (Value $207)

 Conquer Him Community PROMOStudents who complete this FLR Training successfully will be added to the Conquer Him Community Site as a lifetime member.




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Visit the Course Details Page to read more about what you can expect when you participate in the FLR Training program or send an email to FLR[at]ConquerHim.Com with questions.

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