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Conquer Him is offering the experience of a lifetime for men who are seeking to create successful Female Led Relationships. After coaching, training and interviewing dozens of women and men who are actively involved in Female Led Relationships, Conquer Him will offer one-of-a-kind insight into what it takes to create the relationship you REALLY want.

  • This 1 Week coaching program offers 5 LIVE lectures that will answer many of your burning questions. You choose the week you want to begin. 
  • Participate in LIVE lectures  at 8 pm Eastern once a day for a full week. Gain wisdom from a LIVE Q&A session with the publisher of Conquer Him where you will receive feedback about your personality, any issues you would like to discuss and personal instructions for your goals.
  • FLR Anchor Training For MenIf you can not attend one of the live classes you may review recordings of the lectures inside Conquer Him Academy, our online school. You will have access to all recordings from this series so that you can review them at your convenience for 3 months.
  • After enrolling in this program you may elect to be added to Conquer Him Community. 
  • Both single and married men are welcome to participate.



SUBMISSIVE MALE TRAINING PROGRAMDuring our 1 Week Anchor Training Course you will learn:

  • What is holding you back (personally) from creating the relationship you want?
  • How dominant women like to be approached
  • What turns women off about submissive men
  • How dominant women feel about a man’s financial status
  • The physical characteristics that are important to dominant women
  • The most important thing a man can do to earn a dominant woman’s trust
  • When is the right time to tell her about your kinks
  • How to approach a dominant woman online
  • How to talk to your wife about starting a FLR
  • (All answers are based on our survey of dominant women)


Conquer Him Community PROMOStudents who complete this FLR Training successfully will be added to the Conquer Him Community Site as a lifetime member.

Gentlemen 300 PROMO private




Meets May 15th-May 19th (5 Consecutive Nights for ONE Hour) at 9 pm Eastern


**READ COURSE REVIEWS: November 2015 Class

**There are NO REFUNDS for this course since it is a 1 Week Course and you gain lifetime access to the content through our Conquer Him Academy.

If you have any questions about the course feel free to send an email  to FLR{at}ConquerHim.Com.  COURSE RELATED QUESTIONS ONLY. ALL OTHER QUESTIONS WILL BE DELETED.


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